The Band' CDs

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Cotton Wood's first CD
   Songs include:
1. Past the Point of Rescue
2. Think of What You've Done
3. Greycoat Soldiers
4. In Your Hands
5. Wandering Drummer Boy
6. Only a Thought Away
7. Old Joe Clark Jam
8. Take Me Back Home
9. Rose of My Heat
10. Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine
11. Old Home Place
12. Orphan Girl




Cotton Wood's second CD
Songs include:
1. Driving the Highway Home
2. Molly
3. Whiskey Before Breakfast
4. In My Little Boy's Eyes
5. Shady Grove
6. Your Love is Like a Flower
7. Turkey of a Different Feather
8. Seminole Wind
9. Lonesome Wind Blues
10. Goodby Grampa
11. Nothing But the Wheel
12. Jericho Medley
13. Jesus Help Me to Stand
14. Now That You're Gone
15. Our Little Town
16. Where the Blue Bells Grow
17. My Love Rescue Me
18. There is a Reason




Cotton Wood's third CD
    songs includes:

1. Save Your Goodbyes
2. A Father's Justice
3. Youngstown
4. Old Sanger Hall
5. Stoney Point
6. Dakota Grave
7. Tennessee Road
8. Knockin' on Heaven's Door
9. White Liar
10. Walk Softly on This Heart of Mine
11. Long Way to Go
12. Jolene
13. Tomorrow is Such a Long Time
14. Chevy Van
15. Take Some Time



14. Chevy Van - Sammy J

15. Take Some Time - Justin Car

KEITH ALLEN - In My Little Boy's Eyes

Keith Allen (Koch)'s "In my Little Boy's Eyes" a beautiful and heart-felt album of original songs by Keith Koch.
   Songs include:
1. Been Alright for Awhile
2. Looking for a Place to Fall
3. Heats on Fire
4. Jared, Mommy & Me
5. I'm in Love
6. Gospel According t Luke
7. Russell Wells
8. Long Way to Go
9. Sometimes I'm Wrong
10. Don't Understand
11. In My Little Boy's Eyes




Dan Foster's "Mule on a Slant" a wonderful instrumental album.  
Song include:
1. Willow-Banks Ohio
2. Travelin' On
3. Bonaparte's Retreat
4. Ten Mile
5. Mule on a Slant
6. Wolf Point Express
7. After the Storm
8. Prairie Home
9. Old Joe Clark
10. Girl I Left-Off to California
11. Life of Gibson
12. Pearly Gates
13. Buffalo ridge
14. Iron Creek